In the distant mountains, they hide, explore and survive.
Deserters from the army, trappers, mountaineers or just plain wanderers,
They all are forced to face the greatness of snowy mounts and their sinuous valleys.
Going through diverse emotions, they wear what they find and accumulate layers of history on them.
Clothes are built, then unbuilt, then reassembled and reused for generations.
New clothes take form in winter shades, mixed from harsh and softer materials.
Among those, woollens, remains of military uniforms recalling distant memories.
Scandinavian sheep wool or cottons,
All these materials grow old and endure with the person wearing them every day,
Through each new storm, defending what they have left.
We know where they go, they leave traces.
Engraving runes in fir barks, they take inspiration from the Nordic mythology and live at the forest’s rhythm.

Thanks to the upcycling spirit, each clothing is unique, which will make you unique as well.

Northern Wanderer takes you meet those marginal beings, erased from society, living at nature’s rhythm.
With volumes similar to shells, the accumulation of materials represents their history.
Upcycling is one of the most important values of this collection, advocating for another vision of fashion, wanting to ban overconsumption. It is showing that clothing that lived, having some history has way more importance and interest.
Attached to the values of arts and crafts and know-how, hand felt wool, natural dye are highlighted, pushing us to an always-strengthening link with nature.
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